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Disclaimer and Policies

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Disclaimer and Policies
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Links to external sites/portals - In many places on this portal, you will find links to other sites/portals created and maintained by other government, non-government / private organizations. These links are for your convenience. After selecting the link, you can navigate through that web site. At the same time on this website, you are subject to the privacy and protection policies of the owner/sponsor of this website. Directorate of Town Planning & Valuation, Maharashtra State, India will not be responsible for the content and reliability of the connection website, and will not justify unnecessarily regarding the use of the link. The only link or its listing on this portal should not be taken for any type of page number.

Directorate of Town planning and valuation, Maharashtra State, India Links to the websites of other websites/portals with the Maharashtra State website - We do not have any objection to you directly taking the information published on our site and there is no pre-approval requirement. We cannot allow you to fill up our pages in boxes on your site. Our section pages must be filled in the browsers newly opened browser window.

Privacy Policy

As per general rule, this portal cannot accept any specific personal information from you (such as name, telephone number or e-post address) automatically, through which we will be able to independently identify you. This portal keeps records of your visit and records the information about the following information such as IP rules (IP) addresses, domain name, type of browser, date of operation, date and time of visit and pages visited. We are not doing any effort to address these addresses separately to our site by identifying the visitor to our site till the person who tries to harm the site is investigated. Without the written order of law enforcement agencies to check service provider records, we will not recognize the user's identity or its browsing activities. If the Directorate of Town planning and valuation Maharashtra State, India website requests you to provide personal information to you, you will be given information about how to use it if you approve and enough safeguards will be used to protect your personal information.

Ownership policy

The distinctive material on this portal can be quoted without the need for free, in any format or specified permission in the medium. It depends on accurately citing the literature and not using a derogatory reference or misleading reference. Where the material is to be published or if others are to be released, the source must be prominently acknowledged. However, the authorization for the excavation of any material identified on this site should be obtained from the respective proprietary rights holders.


Information and text available on this website have been made carefully and effortlessly. However, the responsibilities of the use or results of this information will not be governed by the Directorate of Town planning and valuation, Maharashtra State, India . If any discrepancy or confusion occurs, the user should contact the concerned department.

Text Writing, Regulation and Approval Policy

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Web Text Review Policy

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Text archives policy

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Website security policy

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Website monitoring policy

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Contingency Management

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