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Town Planning Scheme

     For the implementation of development plans for the areas covered under the jurisdiction of the planning authorities such as Municipal Corporations / Municipal Councils / Nagar Panchayats, or in respect of any land which is likely tobe in the course of development or which is already built upon, Town Planning Schemes are prepared with the methods such as micro-level planning and Land Pooling and Reconstitution, under the provisions of section 59 to 112 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966. The Town planning schemes are sanctioned by the Urban Development Department of the Government.
     Implementation of the development plan proposal is the main purpose of town planning schemes. Some of the original Town planning schemes have been prepared by this department and work of some town planning schemes are in progress. The municipal council can charge the betterment charge on the plots which benefit from the Town Planning Scheme, and thus, the costs of the schemes can be recovered. Town planning scheme has proven to be an effective tool for implementation of development plan. The main reason for the non-implementation of town planning schemes is the long-duration time required for the preparation of the same. For this, the Directorate has proposed changes in the planning provisions of the Act, and the said changes have also been approved in the Legislature assembly.

Principles of Town Planning Schemes
• For implementation of D. P. proposals
• Lands pooled and reconstituted according to some equitable formula.
• Loss of land because of reservation
• Dispossession kept at bare minimum
• Reconstituted plots : buildable
• Increments, incremental contribution – maximum 50%
• Cost of Scheme : minimum as far as possible
• Urban land should itself resource the cost of development
• Town planning scheme has been provided with an in-built mechanism for arbitration.
• Conceptually, town planning scheme is a joint land development project undertaken by the owners.
• Planning authority steps in as an agent on behalf of owners.
• Provides for smooth vesting of lands to planning authorities for public purposes.
• General opposition to acquisition from owners is not existent, therefore, rightly called as ‘land acquisition without tears.’

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