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E.g., 06/25/2022

List of notices/notifications/circulars/Government Resolutions/others by TPVD under the instruction of UDD and published by TPVD

Total Items: 411              Page No : 9 / 42              Per Page Record Count :10 Title Section File size Release date Download
81 DP Chiplun, Mauje Chiplun Dist. S. at Ratnagiri. No. 63, H.No. 98 (Revised Sanction v. No. 134 of the garden) regarding reservation .. Order under Section 127 (2) of the Maharashtra Regional Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966. 127(2) 5.15 MB 01/10/2021 imgDownload
82 "Approved Development Plan - Nagpur Metropolitan Region Mauja-velahari, tah. Nagpur (Gr.), Dist. Nagpur, P.H.No. 38A, Khasra No. 89/1 Area 2.77 H.R., "To rectify the design error to exclude the existing road indicated in the approved development plan in this space." 992.64 KB 01/10/2021 imgडाऊनलोड
83 DP Parli Ambejogai (Imprvd) Dist. Beed. S. No. 467/2 at Mau. Ambejogai 93 "Cemetery" and 60 m. Wide v.yo. Road area 0.38 ha respectively. R. And 1.85 ha. Concerns over area reservations. Issuance of orders under Section 127 (2) of the Maharashtra Regional Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966. 127(2) 4.8 MB 30/09/2021 imgDownload
84 "Approved Development Plan - Nagpur Metropolitan Region Regulation No. in the Integrated Development Control and Promotion Rules-2020. Draftmans Error as per 2.5 Khasra No. 81 (68 as per village map) Moja Shirpur, Tah. Kamathi Dist. Regarding the repair of road exclusion shown in the approved development plan from Nagpur site. 833.54 KB 29/09/2021 imgDownload
85 In the Unified Development Control and Promotion Rules, in the Integrated Town Settlement Rules, Rule no. As per (v) Mauje Asode, Burdul, Na-hen and Usatne, Tal. Ambernath and Mauje Bale. Bamli, Narivali, Nighu and Waklan, Tal. Dist. Promoter from Thane, M / s. Macrotech Developers Ltd. Regarding the announcement of the project including inclusion of additional area in the pre-approved Integrated Urban Settlement Project 40 24.07 MB 22/09/2021 imgDownload
86 Order regarding approval of the planning proposal prepared by Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust for their special economic zone under section 115 (2) under section 40 (3) (d) of the Maharashtra Regional Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966 under section 115 (3). 115(3) 4.14 MB 21/09/2021 imgDownload
87 Development Scheme Umred Dist. Nagpur Mauja Umred Sr. No.525,526,527 and 529/1 Total Araji 5.00 hectare land to be included in the residential section excluding agriculture department. Notification under section 37 (2) of Maharashtra Regional Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966 . 37(2) 1.28 MB 16/09/2021 imgDownload
88 DP. Warud (improved +extended limit). Dist. Amravati. Mauja Warud No. 376 and 369 seats have been vacated from the reservation of Sr. No. 8 "Primary School". 127(2) 4.87 MB 13/09/2021 imgDownload
89 DP Warud (improved + Extended limit). Dist.Amravati. Regarding the issue of land of S.No.9 "Town Hall".in Mauja Warud Part-2 No.373,374,375 being deducted from the reservation 127(2) 4.98 MB 13/09/2021 imgDownload
90 Regional Plan Pune M.P.N. Regarding the publication of alterations under section 20 (4) of N.R. Act, 1966, G.No. The lands under 1417 (part), 1428, 1435 (part) and 1436 (part) are 13.3654 ha. Excluding the area from the Agriculture and No Development and its inclusion in the Housing 20 (4) 941.15 KB 06/09/2021 imgDownload