Objectives of the Department

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   The Directorate of Town Planning has to perform the following functions.

• Preparation of Regional Plan (through Regional Planning Board)
• Preparation of development plan for Municipal towns and non-municipal towns wherever needed.
• Preparation of Town planning schemes, for effective implementation of development plans and, for planned development of lands.
• Act as a consultant to the Government on the legal and technical aspects of the Regional-Plan, Development Plan, Town Planning Scheme, Integrated township projects, and all the matters related to the provisions of the MRTP Act, 1966, and various policy issues.

    The following works related to town planning are also carried out apart from the above functions.

• Transportation Plans, Traffic Management Plans according to traffic and transportation-related issues.
• Preparation of plans on Government lands and to advise-Collector about the same.
• To advise the Municipal Authorities, Revenue Department, and other Departments of the government, regarding land development control.
• Working as a valuation expert in land valuation and land acquisition proposals.
• Assistance to the Government Lawyers in the District Court.
• To prepare an Annual Statement of Rates for stamp duty collection
• Assistance in evaluation in the cases under sections 31, 32, 34, and 53 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act to Joint District Registrar.