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Accessibility Statement
We are committed to showing the Website using any device, technology or abilities. This website has been created with the intention of making maximum use and accessibility to the person visiting the website.
As a result, it will be possible to view various web sites, such as Web-enabled mobile, swap phone, P.D.A. We have tried our best to make information accessible to the blind users, blind users can use the screen reader and magnifying glass, for example, a user with blind eyes can also use the website using assistive technology, such as the use of the screen reader and the magnifier (Magnifiers). While creating the website, we have tried to use standards used at the world level so that it fulfills the purpose of helping the person visiting the website.
If you have any problem or suggestion regarding using this website, please let us know and enable us to make useful feedback.

Ease features:
•To get to the main topic : Provision for quick access to the main center of the page without leaving the back of the page using the keyboard.
•To get to the main page: The provision of quick access to the main page window, through which it can be accessed in various subdivisions like Citizens, Government, and Directory.
•Ease of access: Options for changing the size of the text and setting up the color scheme are provided. For example, if you are using a desktop to access this website, the text on the screen will look a bit shorter, which will make it hard to read. You can use the option of increasing the size of the text to make it visible and easy readability.
•Descriptive Connection Text: Short description is provided using descriptive phrases without the word "read more" and "click here" according to text connection. For example, if the PDF file opens with the connection, then the description of the size of this file will be specified. If the connection is opened then the details of the new website will be specified.
•Table Headings: The headings of the table can be marked and combined with each row in each row of that cell. Eg If there are 30 rows and 5 columns in the chart, then the blind user will be unable to identify which information is related to which top of the column. In such a situation, the user can read the help screen for any device such as a screen reader, the column header of any cell.
•Titles: The content of the web page is used by the organization's composition, the appropriate title, and subtitles, provided for the readable structure. H-1 shows the top head, in that sense H-2 shows the subhead. Apart from these, there are headers hidden in this web site for screen readers. Which can be read by screen readers for better readability.
•Names: You must specify a proper name for each web page, so it will be easier for you to recognize the inside text of the page.
•One Text Exposed : Image is a brief description for users with disabilities (for the blind). If you are using a text-based browser or if you have closed the display of the image, you can understand what the image is like in its entirety.
•A clear example of the mark sheet (label) team: The mark sheet is related to the respective controller. It is possible for assisted rows to identify the marking numbers for the control of the pattern, such as through a text box, check box, radio button, and drop-down list.
•Continuous System Stage: The consistent method of presenting the presentation is included everywhere on the website.
•Extensible and Inventory List -

Options for convenience
Do you find the text on the panel difficult to read?
Can not the information that appears on the panel be clearly visible?
If the answer is "yes", use the ease option provided on this website to control panel display. The flexibility to change the size of the text and the color scheme to get better visibility and readability is available through these options.

Change the size of the text
The size of the text is less than the standard size, it is related to the size of the text. You have been suggested to have 3 options affecting readability and have the flexibility to increase the size of the text. The options are as follows:
Huge: Displays information in huge sizes.
Larger: Displays information in larger sizes than the standard size.
Moderate: Displays information in standard size at the original size.

* To change the size of the text, click on the "Text Size" button at the top of any page.